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used tampons

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Exhausted [Jun. 29th, 2006|03:07 am]
used tampons
[Current Location |infront of my computer]
[Mood Status: |exhaustedexhausted]
[Now Playing: |Rob Zombie - the Devil's Rejects]

wow its been a while.

well lets see, where shall i begin this wonderful story?

i finally found a job, i'm currently working in a factory in newmarket. the drive there is a bitch but its a job. i've been there for about a month and its not that bad, except when its a slow day cause time seems to go by so slowly, it horrible. i sware you just wanna kill yourself. oh how stupid of me. all i do is sort parts. yes kids. thats all i do. even a mentally retard can do this job, but the pay is good. tomorrow i get paid and this will be my 3rd paycheck. i'm planning on buying an iPod Video (30GB) cause listening to music on my PSP is lame and the sound is horrible. did i mention you can't blast it. so that'll be something, i'll probbaly end up buying it on Friday and if not that day, then the next day. Just not looking forward to paying all that but in the end i'll have something nice.

so let me tell you about what happened to my friend..

i brought him to work about the 3rd week of work cause he's living on his own and he's having a hard time finding a job and plus he's on welfare and he's not happy about it cause they only give him 500 bucks (400 for rent, and 100 to live off of for another month) so i thought it would be nice if he came to work with me, that way i would have someone to talk to during my breaks and maybe even work together. so it turns out good for about 3 days, and then on the 4th day, he came to work with me. He was completely normal, he didn't look like he was in a bad mood at all. so the first hour goes by and i'm just working minding my own business on the other side of the plant. then my boss comes up to me and asks me "Have you seen you buddy? i can't find him anywhere." so i thought maybe he decided to go the bathroom and he's taking a dump. so i continue working. another hour goes by and my boss comes up to me again asking if i had seen my friend. now i'm starting to freak out. so he vanished the whole day, i thought maybe he called someone to pick him up and drive him all the way home (its a 45 min drive, you can just imagine how long it would take to walk) and at the same time i thought he was out running about and that he'll come meet us by the car when i get out from work. still nothing. so i'm starting to think that he got lost somewhere and can't find his way home, and also i don't wanna tell my mom that he ran for it cause she would be pissed and also if i didn't tell her she'll wonder where he is when we get out. so i called home and asked my brother to go over to his apartment and knock on his door to see if he was home, just ask i was telling my brother that, out comes my friend from behind a bush.

he said he couldn't take it anymore and had to leave cause he was going insane. i told him he pretty much lost his job and he knew that he did too. so that was a bummer and i was embarassed about it for a couple of days. My boss still asks me how he's doing and how he fucked up cause this was an easy job, you didn't need to help anyone. all you had to do was sit there, write some shit on a peice of paper and just sort parts. i don't know what he's gonna do... its hard finding a job where we live and to top that off its the end of highschool and the summer break has started. meaning all the highschool kids have taken every job that was available.

anyways i'm tired of typing. and i'm sure you sick of reading. now go do something useful.
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Shiz... [Feb. 7th, 2006|01:57 am]
used tampons
[Mood Status: |boredbored]
[Now Playing: |Switched - Drowning]

well its another night and i can't sleep, anyways my girlfriend showed me some funny stuff about myspace, ahhaha pure brilliant. right now i'm really hoping i get the Himsa cd i pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago, its cool cause i get a shirt and a poster cause i pre-ordered it and it was only $25 US, thats fucken awesome. oh yeah i got 3 rad shirts in the mail today, 3 pentagram shirts. kick ass, now all i have to do is find a christian community where i live and piss them off. too bad i don't live near that fat over sized beast from the tv show Trading Spouces, haha i'm sure you guys don't know what i'm talking about but i'll post it sometime, well once i find it. well anyways thats all i have to say. oh we've had a pretty bad day today, its been snowing all day and our snowthrower isn't working so we have a shit load of snow on my driveway. but seems like its working again so i'll have to do that first thing tomorrow, haha the sad thing is that it'll be fun, except when snow gets in your face, anyways.
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2005|02:26 am]
used tampons

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